Adopted and proposed EU directives and UN/ECE acts concerning EIA.

Adopted Directives


         --> Codified EIA Directive; replaces all previous versions.

        -> The original EIA directive.

        -> EIA Amending Directive, significantly widening the scope of application.

        -> SEA Directive; introduction of strategic environmental assessments.

        -> The so-called Habitats Directive; provides for an appropriate assessment if protected species or habitats (Natura 2000 sites,                  special Protection Areas, Important Bird Areas) are likely to be affected by projects or plans.

        -> Public Participation Directive; implementation of the Aarhus Convention, amends the EIA Directive.

        -> Environmental Information Directive; implementation of the Aarhus Convention.

        -> Espoo Convention of the UN/ECE.

        -> Kyiv Protocol to the Espoo Convention of the UN/ECE.

        -> Aarhus Convention of the UN/ECE. Article 6 concerns projects, Articles 7 and 8 concern plans, programmes and


Directives in the pipeline

At the end of October 2012, the EU Commission published the draft directive for updating the EIA Directive providing comprehensive proposals for modification and amplification. It was preceeded by a Europe-wide consultation on the need for changes. The draft is available at:

In the meantime, the draft of a legislative decision of the European Parliament concerning the EIA draft directive is available. It contains 61 requests for amendment. The corresponding press release can be found at:


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